A web-based transaction editor, inspired after building Cardano.el, this web app allows you to craft complex transactions without the need to set up your own node. It integrates with your personal web wallet to manage transaction signing.

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Executive Summary. Why do we need this?

To do anything interesting on the Cardano blockchain you need to have your own node and work with the cardano-cli. This locks away every non-technical user, and delays the technically skilled because they cannot try their ideas right away, they must go over the setup and synchronize the entire blockchain.

Even when committed to go over all the pain or even if not, using the cardano-cli is too cumbersome, it is not a scalable user interface, it is error-prone and you waste countless hours in the discord or forums asking for help trying to figure out why your token mint or your swap contract does not work.

I want a tool that lets me declare what I want and it figures out how to do it. I couldn’t find such a tool, thus I started building it myself. A text editable interface as a wallet for Cardano to craft my transactions, that is the cardano.el project. It works and already does a lot, yet it is still for the technical user and requires setting up your node. I want to open its possibilities to a larger audience by offering this editor as a web application, letting anyone have access to crafting complex transactions, without even needing to set up a node.

Status: Iterating prototypes

Token mint capabilities
Releasing MVP
Submitted proposal for Catalyst Fund 7
Catalyst Fund 7 proposal
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