In this round I submitted two new proposals, each to continue my work around the transaction editor webapp to extend it with a Native Script editor with Multisig & Script wallet and now to develop the authentication project with Crypto wallets for signup, login, and 2FA . I’m very pleased with my new proposals, yet I haven’t spent any time advertising them. In my most sincere hopes, I wish you help me with your support.

Catalyst has become very popular and achieving any form of funding does demand the most dreaded to me marketing effort. I need to work a lot more on that. This time there shouldn’t be so much sabotage from big players as the no votes are not possible anymore. I complained many times, that the true problem is a lack of opportunity cost while voting. Every person can vote as many times as they want, voting power does not consume itself with cast votes. Thus as previous rounds showed, the best strategy for the big players was to support their project and kill everybody else with against votes. It would be that much better to consume your voting power on each cast vote(with configurable weigth). That way we can truly assign priorities to votes.

Little rant away. It is what it is and I appreciate your vote no matter what.