This is the second major update on the app, now it is possible to mint Mary Era Cardano Native Tokens. That means by directly letting your wallet construct the minting policy, you can now use the editor to mint or burn your tokens.

The UX starts to feel bloated, despite the minimalist design. There is no way around the fact that transactions on the Cardano blockchain can be feature rich. I know that general UX design principles say to use modals for specific features. However, I decided to stick with an interface, which has all inputs on the same page. It might feel bloated, it might be wrong UX, yet the nice thing about being part of the competition is that I get to propose my version of the solution and carve my place in the market.

Just let me give it a try!

The application worries about the minting policy, it request from your wallet a new key for each mint. In the case of Nami that is a single address wallet, you consequently always mint with the same key. In wallets that offer you the entire HD wallet, like Eternl, you mint with a new key each session(every time you refresh the page, not every new transaction you create).

When minting tokens, you can include their CIP-25 metadata. It is only a reduced version of it. The fields name, description and image are the minimal required fields to get your NFT displayed on a blockchain explorer.

The advantage of this editor is to let you use your preferred wallet to inspect and sign your transaction. This application is network independent, which means you set in your wallet which network you connect, this is great because you can practice on the testnet, and then experience no change in the application when you switch to mainnet. I very often miss a testnet feature for many services. Thus I want to offer you that unencumbered possibility. It works the same in mainnet, preprod, preview and any other network your wallet connects.

Give the editor a try !! I’m looking forward to your feedback.