The transaction editor needed an update. It experienced troubles with transactions in your wallet from the Conway era. Although that network upgrade took place a while ago, it didn’t really manifest any problems for some time. Truth is, we all take time to upgrade.

I updated the serialization library that creates the transactions as well as added support for the Lace wallet IOHK’s in house web wallet. I didn’t do that earlier because they had errors with the error notifications from wallet to app and their token mint display was off. Now that the one error got fixed and the other became irrelevant as the wallet does not display anymore about the token mints, you just find them, I added the Lace wallet support.

Then there are a bunch of internal fixes and cleanups for the editor as well as the back-end that coordinates the collaborative transactions. As a user you’ll notice nothing. Unless a new bug slipped in. In that case please contact me with a bug report.