Earlier this week Catalyst released the results of Fund 7. I was pleased to find some of my projects received enough support for funding. Thank you to all of you who entrusted me with their confidence vote.

Cardano.el the transaction editor

Had a flawless score from the Community advisors 5.0, the only one on the Open Source Developer Ecosystem challenge, and ranked 4th in voting results. I’m overall happy about this. This project is also the most advanced one. I have worked on it before fund 6 and, I already released usable software by the Cardano summit 2021, and has only improved since then. Now that community interest and support is there through funding I can focus on this tool a lot more.

In the coming weeks, the editor will include support for HD wallets and connect to the cardano-wallet service to even have access to transaction history.

Later on, I’ll dedicate my focus to the smart contract interaction. Smart Contracts in Cardano are a complicated beast and in general, everybody is still struggling to develop a good user interface for them.

The Web transaction editor

This project is the logical extension of the previous one. It is for everyone, a web service so you don’t have to install your node or any other software. It was a tougher fight as the DApps and integrations challenge had a lot of projects. With a Community advisor’s score of 4.86 it also ranked 4th in the challenge and secured funding. This is a much-needed tool and I’ll prioritize its release correspondingly.

In the next weeks, the service will be live for the testnet and will run in direct connection to a full node, without db-sync. It is not an explorer.