A high-level, declarative, text based transaction editor and wallet that directly integrates with your cardano-node.

To do anything interesting with the Cardano Blockchain you need the cardano-cli. It is a powerful tool, yet too cumbersome to make good use of it. Cardano.el changes that experience by wrapping the CLI and embedding it into your text editor. You move away from commands into editing the transaction itself.

Manage you keys locally or over a hardware wallet.

Why do you need this?

You want to participate in the Cardano revolution, yet to do anything interesting you need to work with the cardano-cli. Tutorial after tutorial, and you still try to find how to build your transaction. You ask on discord, forums and stack exchange. Maybe you solve the problem and document in a bash script.

That is not a scalable user interface, it is error-prone and you waste countless hours in the discord or forums asking for help trying to figure out why your token mint or your swap contract does not work.

You need a different user interface. One where you can specify what you want and let the computer figure out which commands it needs to create your transaction. You move away from writing serial instructions into a declarative interface. You start using templates instead of memorizing commands or trying to reuse that last script that worked and now doesn’t.

I want a tool like that. A powerful tool to interact with the cardano-node, which has all the features, does not get cumbersome as you increase the complexity of your tasks, and empowers you as a user. I couldn’t find such a tool, thus I started building it myself. A text editable interface as a wallet for Cardano to craft my transactions. A tool that embraces the power of my text editor instead of the limitations of the command line.

Have look at this short example

This tool is growing into a fully-featured wallet. It already supports token mints, metadata, delegation certificates, unlocking of Plutus Smart contracts, and it uses cardano-address to work with Hierarchical Deterministic wallets. You won’t need anymore to keep track of all those random keys the cardano-cli creates. On top of that it can connect to you hardware wallet device for extra security managing your keys.

The cardano.el GitHub repository is live and running.

Status: Released

Added Hardware wallet support corresponding to Catalyst Fund 9 project
Feature complete with respect to Catalyst project goals
Catalyst Fund 7 support
Submitted proposal for Catalyst Fund 7
Cardano360 interview
Plutus Pioneer Capstone Challenge award. IOHK: blog
Submitted proposal for Catalyst Fund 6 (Not Funded)
Minimal prototype demo
GitHub repository
Catalyst Fund 7 proposal
On Ideascale