Up until now the transaction editor supercharged the cardano-cli, allowing you to craft highly complex transactions in a declarative manner, and it was amazing! However, key management is out of scope from the CLI an consequentially was from the editor. That started to change 6 months ago with the introduction of state management , upgrading the editor into a wallet and making it more useful. Now it is better than ever before with the support for hardware devices.

Gone are the days of manually air-gapping your keys to have a safe system. Cardano.el can now manage your hardware wallet too and it is incredibly convenient! It tracks your hardware wallet extended public keys and creates all the corresponding keys of standard derivation paths, and at your discretion your custom paths. That is not all! Behind the scenes it must track and match your keys, their paths, and your UTxOs to successfully instruct your Hardware device how to witness(sign) your transaction.

Finally, you can transfer your extended public keys to the cardano-wallet module too and enjoy full wallet support features. This means tracking your transaction history and performing the simplified payment transactions from your wallet. Then you can request transaction witness/signature from your hardware device.

No more air-gapping your keys, or having a complete hot wallet on the cardano-wallet database. Now, it’s all simple and secure! And if you need a little help getting started, there’s an amazing tutorial available on the Ars magna YouTube channel and here in immediate display. Let’s get started!

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