Quick guide

Simple payments

Minting assets

You can also mint and burn assets on your transaction. This are Mary Era native assets, the use the Cardano native scripts as the minting policy. That policy is automatically generated for you using your wallet change address. On Nami wallet it will always be the same, because it is a single address wallet, all other wallet that do use the features of HD wallets, the policy will change as your wallet rotates change addresses.

To mint an asset just add that feature, mark if you want your policy to have a timelock, a requirement for NTFs or other assets with fixed supply and add your assets. You can add the metadata for your minted assets following CIP-25 in the same transaction.

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Collaborative transactions

This feature goes under the name of trade table, because you can get together with other people around a table and trade your assets. At the bottom of the application you’ll see a pair of dice, click on them to generate a trade table id, giving you a unique session, then click on “Join trade table.”

Once you successfully connect to the server, share the table id with your trading partners, there can be more than two wallets collaborating on the same transaction at the time.

Build your transaction as usual, all involved wallets can edit the transaction. Only the wallet owner can included his UTxOs, yet everybody can drop them out of the transaction. You can move and distribute funds anyway you agree with everybody on the table to do so.

On a trade table, you can’t rely on the change being automatically calculated for you, as there are many participants, everybody is responsible to commit an output to their personal change address. Don’t worry, your wallet at the moment of signature will let you know you might be spending more than you thought. At that moment, cancel and add your change. Only sign a transaction you agree with.

Minting assets is disabled during a trade table session.

Video Tutorial


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